Igor Dydykin Domik Ptashki Birdhouse
Domik Ptashki Birdhouse is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Domik Ptashki Birdhouse

Due to the monotonous lifestyle and lack of sustainable interaction with Nature, a person lives in a state of constant breakdown and internal dissatisfaction, which does not allow him to enjoy life to the fullest. It can be fixed by expanding borders of perception and gaining new experience of Human-Nature interaction. Why birds? Their singing positively affects human mental health, also birds protect environment from insect pests. The project Domik Ptashki is an opportunity to create helpful neighborhood and to try on the ornithologist role by observing and taking care of birds.

Domik Ptashki Birdhouse
Igor Dydykin Domik Ptashki
Igor Dydykin Birdhouse
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin

"To convey the World further in a better condition than we inherited, we design things and habits with focus on simplicity and naturalness" - Igor Dydykin.


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