Emanuele Di Bacco Metaphor Table
Metaphor Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Metaphor Table

This project is poking fun at itself while raising social awareness about gender equality. Specifically, it uses a metaphor that springs from sumo, one of the most male-dominated sports in Japanese society. Women are not allowed to compete professionally in this sport given sexist rules, which border them outside the wrestling ring as a result of their "impurity" by reason of the menstrual blood. Knocking a sumo warrior to the ground, at the service of a flower pot or any other need people may have, desecrates that macho-dominance sumo still holds, by simply using irony and humor.

Metaphor Table
Emanuele Di Bacco Metaphor
Emanuele Di Bacco Table
Emanuele Di Bacco design
Emanuele Di Bacco design
Emanuele Di Bacco

Emanuele Di Bacco is an independent designer from Rome, Italy, who lives and works in London. His background comes from architecture and production design studies; this latter led him to work in advertising & films industry for the past 10 years collecting international awards. Emanuele never left his artistic bent for design and thanks his visionary background, he started his independent design firm in 2019, which is the result of his knowledge and sensitivity acquired through all the artistic disciplines he have been involved.

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Gladstone is a London based studio focused on social and environmental awareness idea-based design, mainly as furniture. The quirky designs spring from the minds of its designers, artisans and collaborators to turn these concepts into trendsetting high-quality pieces.