Ouyang Tiao Xinwanxin Noodles Restaurant
Xinwanxin Noodles Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Xinwanxin Noodles Restaurant

According to the regional characteristics, designers combine the architectural thinking of modernism in the process of conception. The dining area adopts the pattern design of the main axis and makes use of the smooth movement and function between the spaces, which provides enough possibility for the diversified dining needs, and enables everyone in here to feel the flow of time, the change of space, the transformation of old things and new things, as well as the state of prosperity and quiet precipitation.

Xinwanxin Noodles Restaurant
Ouyang Tiao Xinwanxin Noodles
Ouyang Tiao Restaurant
Ouyang Tiao design
Ouyang Tiao design
Ouyang Tiao

Tiao Ouyang, well-known interior designer, founder of OYTT Design. In recent years, she has won many awards for interior design at home and abroad. Her works always adhere to the people-oriented design concept and advocate aesthetic and practical coexistence. Through the thinking mode of architecture to interpret the spatial relationship in depth, she strives to integrate the artistic nature of appearance with the the technical nature of inside, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of living life.

Oytt Design

OYTT DESIGN is a diversified space design company which is founded in 2014. It is committed to creating the fashion space of current aesthetics, not afraid of challenges but also like to explore the limits of thinking. Company Slogan: design and live attentively, make a little progress every day. Design Scope: Restaurant, Coffee, Dessert, Children's Leisure space, Retail, Tea Drink