Shinya Nomiyama Miyajima Insurance Service Office
Miyajima Insurance Service Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Miyajima Insurance Service Office

The concept of the project is "to connect the office with the city" taking advantage of the environment. The site is located on the place where overviews the city. To achieve it tunnel shaped space are adopted ,which goes through from the entrance gate to the end of the office space.The line of the ceiling wood and the black gap which is installed lights and air-conditioning fixtures emphasize the direction to the city.

Miyajima Insurance Service Office
Shinya Nomiyama Miyajima Insurance
Shinya Nomiyama Service Office
Shinya Nomiyama design
Shinya Nomiyama design
Shinya Nomiyama

Space Orchestra is one of start-up of design office in Japan. The design concept is to fuse function and beauty reasonably and give it a form. The philosophy is "in the “between”. It doesn’t mean it is halfway attitude. The real”personality”shouldn’t be landed on the place where some influential people gave, but should be taken off from the given place to where each individuals can find their “personality”, improving and fluctuating in between .Space Orchestra acts “find your colors between gray spot”

Miyajima Insurance Service

Miyajima Insurance Service is one of the major company in local area with long company history. The client serves insurance product to the local people as the agency of Mitsui-Sumitomo-Kaijo and Tokyo-Kaijo which provide and develop the insurance products.