Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. Coupe Kitchen Stool
Coupe Kitchen Stool is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Coupe Kitchen Stool

This stool is designed to help one to maintain neutral sitting-standing posture. By observing people’s daily behavior, the design team found the need for people to sit on stools for a shorter period of time such as sitting in the kitchen for a quick break, which inspired the team to create this stool specifically to accommodate such behavior. This stool is designed with minimal parts and structures, making the stool affordable and cost-efficient for both buyers and sellers by taking into account the productivity of manufactures.

Coupe Kitchen Stool
Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. Coupe
Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. Kitchen Stool
Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. design
Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd. design
Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd.

Since our inception in 1946, we have continually come up to the customer with uncompromised high quality. Creating the best, moment by moment. Looking ahead, we are seeking new challenges that promise growth and an expanded scope of activities that includes developing business in overseas markets.Nagano Interior Industry has been over 70 years since its foundation. It is our earnest desire to deliver products that give greater satisfaction, and we hope to remain a company needed by society going forward.

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