Antonia Skaraki Saristi Game Special Edition
Saristi Game Special Edition is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Saristi Game Special Edition

Geometric balance, simplicity and harmony. Saristi herbal infusions. The Cuore e Mente Game. A Journey for the Senses. An impeccable gift. Where does your inner harmony take you today? Discover the energy of Mother Earth teeming within. Discover an exciting package. Play and enjoy. Well, as Carl Jung once said, The creative mind plays with the objects it loves! When the mind, body and soul are aligned, true harmony is found. And when design is added, magic is born!

Saristi Game Special Edition
Antonia Skaraki Saristi Game
Antonia Skaraki Special Edition
Antonia Skaraki design
Antonia Skaraki design

Saristi. Greek company. Designing an ever-evolving wellness lifestyle will give you the power to thrive in every moment of everyday. With a determination to connect people to the positive energy forces flowing through plants, this company has combined herbs in such a way that they activate your inner healing vibrations and unite you with all corners of Mother Earth.