Robby Cantarutti Punto Door Handle
Punto Door Handle is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Punto Door Handle

The form of the handle in addition to being inspired by the "type" of the handle highlights a very important formal relationship, the geometries and the relationship between the parties are always like 1/2. The result is unique is almost a mathematical function where with this resulting form the elements that generate it can only be used. Report 1/2 has given a good inspiration.

Punto Door Handle
Robby Cantarutti Punto
Robby Cantarutti Door Handle
Robby Cantarutti design
Robby Cantarutti design
Fimet Maniglie

Fimet is a family owned / managed company. Its main strength point is the flexibility. Fimet has in fact been able, in the past few years, to adapt its production to the needs of customers and to the demands of a market increasingly segmented by investing in the study of new models of handles in collaboration with designers and to keep up with the new tendency of the market by developing new range of minimal roses and proposing new modern finishing like soft touch, anthracite, satin copper, white, black and desert sand. Paying specific attention to the quality is another of its advantages. The products are checked and tested internally to ensure good technical performances. Fimet products can be easily and light-heartedly recommended to anybody interested in buying good quality/price ratio handles.