Yanlai Xiao Sunshine Villa Residence
Sunshine Villa Residence is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sunshine Villa Residence

The designer reconstructs the original architectural space and makes the interior space layout more reasonable by moving the original staircase position, which circumvents the disadvantages of street architecture and greatly enhances the overall value of the villa.The design focuses on solving problems such as spatial planning of the street architecture. The design idea is to help users integrate with the natural environment as much as possible in a state of sufficient privacy to create a sunny and natural living environment.

Sunshine Villa Residence
Yanlai Xiao Sunshine Villa
Yanlai Xiao Residence
Yanlai Xiao design
Yanlai Xiao design
Yanlai Xiao

Yanlai Xiao, designer of Chongqing Gucang Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd., has engaged in interior design for about 12 years. In each stage of her career, she develops more deep understanding toward design. She holds the view that design is no longer obsessed with exaggerated means of expression. Now, she shows fantastic love for a more artistic way of expression and she is more willing to explore each client's preferences and habits to plan the entire space in an all-round way to really achieve the standard of customarized design.

Gucang Design

The owners are a newly-married couple.The house is the first residence for the newly weds and is used for the couple to reside forever and also for their parents to live in occasionaly when they drop a visit here. Since the original building is adjacent to the road,there are lots of shortcomings.The couple invited the designer to transform the single-family housing,which took the designer one year, hoping that it can gain a more smooth natural communication and a more comfortable living experience.