Bo Zhou Thankusir Neverland Restaurant
Thankusir Neverland Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Thankusir Neverland Restaurant

The area of whole project is quite large, the cost of electricity and water transformation and central air-conditioning is high, as well as other kitchen hardware and equipment, so the available budget on interior space decoration is quite limited, thus designers take the “nature beauty of the building itself ", which delivers a big surprise. The roof has been modified by installing different sized sky-lights on top. During the day time, the sun shines through the sky-lights, creates nature and harmonized light effect.

Thankusir Neverland Restaurant
Bo Zhou Thankusir Neverland
Bo Zhou Restaurant
Bo Zhou design
Bo Zhou design
Bo Zhou

Designer Zhou Bo, founded Jingle Design Company in Shenyang, China in 2016. In this city in northeastern China, the economy is relatively backward. Zhou Bo led the team to make a lot of good design works in Shenyang, let people realize the driving effect of design on many industries. His work has also made the city even more beautiful.

Jingle Design

Jingle design is a young and dynamic designing team,which specializing various designing fields, including architectural design, interior design,light design, and other diversified designing aspects, such as visual communication. The company co-founded by two chief designing directors: Zhou Bo and Cai Yuyang. In order to break through ourselves, presenting professional designing projects, The designing team has Incorporated designers’ understanding of the world, insights of life and clients demands into every project.