Frédéric Haven Marcello Dining Table
Marcello Dining Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Marcello Dining Table

Havani's new Marcello Table has the right shoulders to carry a soulmate in style. A uniquely finished stone or wooden tabletop. Available in 4 different metals and 67 colors, this very fine frame with 1 cm thin legs, can reach lengths up to 3 meters, even with exceptional marble tops. The quarter round edge finish flows almost seamlessly from the frame into tabletop and guarantees a very comfortable position for users' wrists and forearms. The Marcello table is 100 percent made in Belgium and delights users with a unique look and feel experience, luxurious materials, and tremendous durability.

Marcello Dining Table
Frédéric Haven Marcello
Frédéric Haven Dining Table
Frédéric Haven design
Frédéric Haven design
Frédéric Haven

With the assistance of my family, friends and partners, I gave birth to a vision and established the Havani furniture brand in 2019. After a decade of selling emotionally approached products, I participated in my father's consultancy firm - Frenico International BVBA - that's mainly experienced in the carpet- and natural stone industry, where I learned how companies start-up, grow and/or strategically transform with the support of the Flemish government (Vlaio). I invested in a longterm Management Course at the Vlerick Business School and found an opportunity to create my own brand of emotionally approached products: Havani.


A new player in the market for high-end tables. The company HAVANI effortlessly combines age-old craftsmanship with contemporary and, above all timeless design. HAVANI's in- & outdoor tables radiate pure class. The tables seem to push the boundaries of what is actually possible thanks to a well thoughtout design. What is striking is the exceptional choice of materials at HAVANI, such as authentic Corten steel, Brazillian Quartzites or uniquely finished Italian marbles, allowing a unique number of color combinations both indoor and outdoor. Users of HAVANI tables are delighted by generations of Belgian craftsmanship, luxurious materials, large customisation and unique Look & Feel experience.