Nour elchourbaji Fruit Bites Dried Fruits Packaging
Fruit Bites Dried Fruits Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Fruit Bites Dried Fruits Packaging

What's better than a nutritious guilt free snack for your kids? Fruit Bites packaging designs are designed to encourage kids to change their snacking habits and choose to eat natural dried fruits instead of junk snacks. The aim is to empower every parent to change his/her child's snacking pattern. The challenge is to design characters that reflect fruits benefits that children can easily understand and relate to as something cool and healthy. Mango plays a major role in skin health. Banana helps you maintain normal vision. Apple is Good for your memory & concentration.

Fruit Bites Dried Fruits Packaging
Nour elchourbaji Fruit Bites
Nour elchourbaji Dried Fruits Packaging
Nour elchourbaji design
Nour elchourbaji design
Nour elchourbaji

Nour is a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Dubai & Cairo. Before moving to Saudi Arabia Nour used to hold a senior designer position at Alep studio in Cairo & Istanbul. She graduated with highest honors from the German university in Cairo, where she studied graphic design. She moved to Berlin to finish her pre masters project in 2018. She specializes in both branding and art direction with particular interest in typography , editorial design , packaging and textile design.

Fruit Bites

Fruit Bites is an Egyptian brand that sells all natural dried fruits snacks without any preservatives nor added sugar. There are three types of packs, Bananas, Apples and mangos. The aim of the brand is to motivate children to change their snacking habits.