Xiutao FU The Moment 2020 Calendar
The Moment 2020 Calendar is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
The Moment 2020 Calendar

The Moment Calendar was inspired by the ancient wisdom of Chinese Solar Terms and Ecclesiastes in Bible, which aim to express the reflection of impetuous society and remind people to know the season and to enjoy the moment. Therefore, there is a new design expression to present the past, now and future. Month is printed in the center of the page while date is shown on a gradient arc. Dates and arcs rotate clockwise around the center and fade away due to the translucent paper, which poetically draws a picture: the eternity of time is a series of the present moments. So, let’s enjoy The Moment.

The Moment 2020 Calendar
Xiutao FU The Moment
Xiutao FU 2020 Calendar
Xiutao FU design
Xiutao FU design
Xiutao FU

Xiutao Fu, is a multi-product designer within accessory, jewellery and product. Xiutao graduated from the London College of Fashion with a Master of Fashion Artefact and now base China. Prior to taking the Master’s course in London, she was trained in product production at College of Design and Innovation (Tongji University) of Industrial Design & Jewellery Design in Shanghai. Xiutao expanded her design experiences by designing various of products and cooperating with manufacturers to produce. Therefore, she possesses a board knowledge of technique (traditional handcraft/ industrial manufacture/ 3D printing)as well as material (leather/ metal/ plastic/ paper/ silicone/ wood/ gemstones). Xiutao commited in bringing traditional culture in contemporary context, and enjoyed in challenging the boundary between handcraft and advanced technologhy, presenting timeless beauty.


Founded in 2018, MATTENAI carries a good meaning of “Heavenly Gifts” in Hebrew, which is also the vision of this lifestyle brand to deliver timeless beauty and produce high quality products to customers as sharing exquisitely prepared gifts. With years of experience in writing and comment on elegant lifestyle in social media, MATTENAI got a lot of attention from followers and professional. It encourages MATTENAI to share its aesthetics by designing good products which could accurately demonstrates its understanding about a fashion and healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, good products could actually serve users and highlight the ordinary daily life. MATTENAI usually gain inspiration from rich heritage and traditional culture to translate in contemporary context and design products in modern express. As a result, it is obviously to see poetic romance and profound cultural background in the minimalism design style and exquisite products. Based on various living scenes such as living, beauty and wellness, MATTENAI continuously develop series lifestyle products to to build a better life.