Ksenia Zagaynova Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings
Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings

The inspiration behind Dance Anatomy collection lies in contemporary dance and represents a reinterpretation of a human body. The author studied the captured positions of dancers and the processes existing in their bodies and further translated these processes into graphic language and came up with the forms and silhouettes that further became wearable objects (earrings, pendants, rings).

Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings
Ksenia Zagaynova Dance Anatomy
Ksenia Zagaynova Ring and Earrings
Ksenia Zagaynova design
Ksenia Zagaynova design
Ksenia Zagaynova

Ksenia was born in Moscow and has a master's degree in business administration. She's always dreamt of changing her path in life and now she is studying in British higher school of arts and design (Moscow). Ksenia seeks to create unusual but wearable objects that could fit the unique character of the owner. She prefers simple lines, enjoys interactivity and mechanisms. Ksenia is inspired by architecture, existing design objects and natural shapes.

Xenia Gai

XENIA GAI brand was founded in 2019 by Ksenia Zagaynova, graduate of the British Higher School of Art and Design. Ksenia finds inspiration in various spheres: from architecture objects and elements to smooth lines of a human’s body. The designer, when creating jewelry objects, focuses on a person’s desire to stand out by using sophisticated accents and seeks to develop laconic objects which become interesting due to the idea, content and wearing principle. These jewelry objects may be transformable or act as constructors or include some interactive element.