Anna Kravchenko Lada 2050 ArtBook
Lada 2050 ArtBook is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Lada 2050 ArtBook

ArtBook contains the results of the participants in the LADA 2050 future vision project. The design release is complex and filled with many different types of sketches and stages of modeling a conceptual mode of transport. The main task was to collect them in a complete and understandable publication. A complicated navigation system was created for ArtBook. Many info graphic elements, photos and drawings of the model, as well as photos of the stages of creating the finalist's car model, were developed and systematized.

Lada 2050 ArtBook
Anna Kravchenko Lada 2050
Anna Kravchenko ArtBook
Anna Kravchenko design
Anna Kravchenko design
Moscow Polytech

Moscow Polytechnic University is one of the leaders in project training in Russia. From the first year students learn to teamwork on specific tasks and defend their ideas to potential employers and partners of the university. The transition to the next semester becomes a successfully completed project: a working prototype or a mobile application, a printed book or a viable business model. The art school originates in creative and pedagogical concepts formed at VKHUTEMAS in almost all areas and genres of art, architecture, design - comparable in value to the bright art discoveries of the twentieth century around the world. VKHUTEMAS was born and developed during the period of the greatest activity of the world avant-garde. Moscow Polytechnic University combines humanitarian and technical knowledge, an innovative approach and loyalty to traditions. Heritage VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN represents a wide range of unique innovative achievements in many areas of art and design. VKHUTEMAS has become one of the symbols of the revolution in art and artistic pedagogy. This affected the increased activity of imaginative thinking and the starting of a new language of art and the mood of teachers and students. As a result, the palette of artistic techniques has become wider. Each direction had enormous potential in the educational, scientific and methodological process, which allows us to form integral models of the world of new art on the basis of various formal and compositional searches.