Angela Spindler Nudus Snack Food
Nudus Snack Food is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Nudus Snack Food

The packaging for start-up company shows off these healthy fruit and vegetable chips bare-naked goodness philosophy and playful humor. Their point of difference is that they are made from fruit and vegetable slices, air-dried, with nothing added whatsoever – hence the 'bare-naked' concept. Although black is a bold and unconventional choice for the healthy snack market, the agency chose this to show the product's vibrancy and give it extra shelf shout. The photography captures the product before and after air-drying illustrating the fruit is as good as nature intended.

Nudus Snack Food
Angela Spindler Nudus
Angela Spindler Snack Food
Angela Spindler design
Angela Spindler design
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