Marco Guariglia Sfoglia Coat Hangers
Sfoglia Coat Hangers is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Sfoglia Coat Hangers

The designer presents a work that redefines furniture with storage and aesthetic function. It's a closet on a wall that can be used for hanging things at the same time being a joyful work of decoration. By the way Sfoglia's leaves arrange hanging clothes choosing an item involves flipping the leaves like reading a book. The green wooden leaves can be folded to the wall to save space as well as becoming a wall decor.

Sfoglia Coat Hangers
Marco Guariglia Sfoglia
Marco Guariglia Coat Hangers
Marco Guariglia design
Marco Guariglia design
Uwood Furniture

Uwood is knew as a pure wood furniture brand in Taiwan. It focus on making round shape solid wood furniture. Combine with another two brand from the company of interior design and system furniture, the brand offer Asia customer a choice of creating European atmosphere at home.