Ming Xing Jiang Invisible Speaker
Invisible Speaker is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Invisible Speaker

The loudspeaker products are specifically for home cinema equipment that are invisible, energy efficient, low-emissions, space-saving, and easy-control, thus creating for people the audible, invisible, omnipresent and great sounding experiences. The total thickness of 3.35cm makes the speaker easily hidden in the wall. The combination of aerospace materials and sophisticated technologies generates wonderful aesthetic audiovisual experiences.

Invisible Speaker
Ming Xing Jiang Invisible
Ming Xing Jiang Speaker
Ming Xing Jiang design
Ming Xing Jiang design
Eogo Sound (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Eogo Sound Co., Ltd. mainly sells private audio and video systems based on invisible speakers. EOGO provides all-in-one solution for customers who are desperate for audio/video effects and the aesthetics of their audio/video space. EOGO's invisible audio/video system is designed with THX sound quality in mind, and is personally commissioned by Dr. Julian Fordham, the Chief Engineer and Chief Designer of NXT, to provide high-end users with top-notch audio/video effects at home. EOGO has 450 patents worldwide, and has received nearly 50 patents in China. With patented technology support as well as professional technical team, EOGO provides the exclusive and customized professional private cinema system for more high-end customers to experience the modern luxury audio and visual feast. In Shanghai, EOGO products have successfully served high-end clients such as Ferrari Club Shanghai, Burberry Flagship Store in Shanghai World Financial Center, Louis Vuitton Store, Barcelona Jazz Hotel, Thomson Golf, Honolulu Villa, Huazhou Grand Residence, Green City Rose Garden, and so on. In China, EOGO Invisible Speaker has already launched EOGO exclusive custom service in more than a dozen cities, serving customers all over the country. The EOGO Invisible Speaker Series has been widely used around the world, such as Madison Street, West Midlands Retail Showroom, Surrey Bingham Hotel, Armani Ginza Flagship Store in Tokyo, etc. From the Myers Restaurant in South Wales to the private Swimming Club in Cambridgeshire and the Surrey Barn Family Theatre, the EOGO Invisible Speaker Series has been designed to perform perfectly in a variety of environments.