Dr. MICKEY MENGTING Zhang Theunique Smart Aroma Diffusor
Theunique Smart Aroma Diffusor is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Vehicle Parts, Auto Accessories and Care Products Design Award Category.
Theunique Smart Aroma Diffusor

Agarwood is rare and expensive. Its aroma can only be obtained from burning or extraction, used indoor and afforded by few users. To break these limitations, a smart aroma diffusor and natural hand-made agarwood tablets are created after 3-year’s efforts with over 60 designs, 10 prototypes and 200 experiments. It demonstrates a new possible business model and using context for agarwood industry. Users can simply insert diffusor inside of a car, customise time, density and variety of aroma with ease and enjoy the immersive aromatherapy wherever they go and whenever they drive.

Theunique Smart Aroma Diffusor
Dr. MICKEY MENGTING Zhang Theunique
Dr. MICKEY MENGTING Zhang Smart Aroma Diffusor
Dr. MICKEY MENGTING Zhang design
Dr. MICKEY MENGTING Zhang design

Theunique focuses on reviving traditional agarwood culture with modern Bio-Technology. The company has a solid R&D foundation for the creation of a new combination of fragrance and smart aroma diffusor especially for the preference of the Chinese market. The company believes in a healthy, smart and sustainable lifestyle with 100% natural organic offering from nature.