Marta Zawieja Gajusz Foundation Mural
Gajusz Foundation Mural is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Gajusz Foundation Mural

The mural was created for children’s hospice. The design is a metaphor for the transition between two worlds. The building’s walls were used to show the metaphor. The dark and starry universe contrasts with the huge pink bird. Pink flamingo symbolizes caring support. Girl’s hair is a symbol for imagination and free spirit.

Gajusz Foundation Mural
Marta Zawieja Gajusz Foundation
Marta Zawieja Mural
Marta Zawieja design
Marta Zawieja design
Marta Zawieja

Marta Zawieja is a painter and a graphic designer. Creating images for her is an expression of the soul. The most difficult thing is to find the truth and courage for translate this expression it to a picture. She believes that the source of cration is within us, when creation comes from the soul, the works are useful not only for ourselves but also for other people, because we are all connected.

Marta zawieja

Marta Zawieja is a painter and independent graphic designer. The mural design was created for the Gajusz Foundation. In 2013, the Foundation opened a stationary and perinatal hospice. In a stationary hospice, terminally ill children often live without parental care - orphans and those whose parents do not want or cannot look after them. The foundation provides them with round-the-clock medical care and the sensitivity of caregivers and volunteers. In the perinatal hospice, the Foundation helps children whose parents knew before the delivery that their children will not live for long. The family receives free professional support (medical, psychological and social) and care.