Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Borboleta Brand System
Borboleta Brand System is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Borboleta Brand System

A new logotype for the two Grupo Dislub Equador existing gas stations networks: Dislub energia, based in the northeastern region of Brazil and Equador energia, in the Northern region of the Amazonas. Both companies worked independently one of the other but now after the rebranding both shows an identical image in a way that the consumers starts to perceive them as one, that was the main objective for the redesigning. An implicit symbolism, representative colors, a new typeface and organic shapes were the main elements chosen for this brand redesign.

Borboleta Brand System
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Borboleta
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Brand System
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera design
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera design
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera

BALKO is formed by a group of interdisciplinary professionals and employees whose main objective is to satisfy the clients' needs. In order to accomplish this goal the company honours its slogan: "we get involved", as they firmly believe in teamworking. For BALKO, their employees are their main resource; they are the ones who translate the projects of their clients into realities. The company has been working for 20 years in corporate architecture, retail stores and gas station sites, creativity and graphic design and organizing shows and events.

Balko Argentina S.a

BALKO is made up of a group of professionals with an unwavering vision of teamwork and extensive experience in the areas of architecture, engineering, facility, design and customer service. They are the architects of translating the projects of our clients into realities and we are convinced that they are our main resource. At BALKO we firmly believe in the teamwork we develop together with our clients. We are convinced that large projects require well integrated equipment, with a technical rigor that allows the construction processes to be a mere continuation of the project process and the relationship with the Client. BALKO has been working for Grupo Dislub Equador and its subsidiaries Equador energia and Dislub energia from 2016. We have participated in the creation and design of their new brand, gas station and corporate architecture as well as in many other projects.