Wen Liu Xin You Ran Baijiu Beverage
Xin You Ran Baijiu Beverage is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Xin You Ran Baijiu Beverage

This Baijiu is a limited-edition product launched by the Baijiu manufacturer. The idea of this Baijiu is about the Chinese zodiac year. In order to bring out a cultural and artistic effect for this limited-edition product, the design combined the Chinese calligraphy with the landscape painting to design the Hai. Hai means Pig in Chinese culture. The application of two outstanding cultural features on the design gives an artistic result for the product.

Xin You Ran Baijiu Beverage
Wen Liu Xin You Ran Baijiu
Wen Liu Beverage
Wen Liu design
Wen Liu design
Guizhou Province Xishui County XIAO HU TU XIAN WINE CO.,LTD

Xiao Hu Tu Xian Liquor Industry Co., Ltd in Xishui county Guizhou province is originated from Zheng Banqiao’s “Hu Tu culture” and “Nan De Hu Tu” during the Qianlong years of Qing dynasty. The purpose of Zheng Banqiao advocates people underweights secular fame and fortune, and to chase for their heart desired. His view is to reach a realm that uses great wisdom to break the complexity of the world. Through superior natural conditions such as exceptional vermilion soil by the Chishui River drainage basin, high-quality sticky broomcorn and pure water source, Xiao Hu Tu Xian adhering thousands of years traditional brewing techniques. It combines with modern biotechnology. In a specific environment where natural caves are kept and matured. Xiao Hu Tu Xian can brew a unique aromatic-type liquor.