Jinho Kang Crazy Head Digital Art
Crazy Head Digital Art is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Crazy Head Digital Art

Every human being have their own characters like different ego, thinking and basic nature. The artist Jinho Kang stated that this Crazy Head came from it. So the car represents human's ego. Man is watching the car and wants to get rid of it but he can't. They seemed stick together forever. Man's eye is exaggerated like cartoon style. Even though the topic is heavy everything that he had done on this work looks more fun and casual.

Crazy Head Digital Art
Jinho Kang Crazy Head
Jinho Kang Digital Art
Jinho Kang design
Jinho Kang design
Jinho Kang

He is something new artist in illustration area compare to his long career of animation. He splits the human's thinking into small pieces and put it together by weird way. It represent the human's ego, mind, natural characters that every human being has.

Jinho Kang

Jinho Kang is working on game and animation area as key animator for over 20 years based in Seoul, South Korea. He also interested in digital art with the style of cyber punk. Through the YouTube he's showing his digital art and animation to global fans.