Musa Çelik Greyder V Package Design
Greyder V Package Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Greyder V Package Design

This design makes it easy for consumers to carry and store their purchased shoes. A plastic bag is needed to carry the old-style shoe boxes, but this design also serves as a bag with the help of the upper rings. It also makes it easy to take the shoes out of the box thanks to the V-shaped drawers. Also, thanks to its vertical storage solution, it also allows people who have a second shoe in their office to use it as furniture.

Greyder V Package Design
Musa Çelik Greyder V
Musa Çelik Package Design
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik

Musa Celik graduated from fine arts department in university and then he decided to focus on designing. After working in some companies he founded his design agency Tasarist in 2011. He specialized on packaging design and worked with many local and global brands. He is a well known designer in his country and he has lots of national and international awards. He designed a lot of home care product package for well known brands in Turkey.


As a Turkish brand, Greyder stands out with its successful models and durability of its shoes. Over the years it has become a worldwide known brand. Greyder, a 60-year-old brand, brings the meeting of shoes and technology with the most rational ideas, flexible and cool on hot summer days; it proves to be different in every season with its models that do not allow passage to water during cold winter days. 100% leather products and large production capacity of the international brand journey progressing firmly, combining quality and functionality that makes a difference in the production of graders, continues to offer a combination of elegance and comfort.