Kaori Osawa and Masashi Yamanaka Frutta Lamp
Frutta Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Frutta Lamp

Frutta is a floor lamp that takes up the form of a fruit tree. Users can pick the lights off of the tree as if they were fruits, creating an intimate and nostalgic experience between humans and lighting. Frutta is a modular system, allowing lights to be detached from the main floor lamp unit and reattached to optional cradles giving users control over how light expresses itself throughout a space. Frutta promises to enrich your life by offering limitless lighting solutions made possible by combining clever design with a bit of your imagination.

Frutta Lamp
Kaori Osawa and Masashi Yamanaka Frutta
Kaori Osawa and Masashi Yamanaka Lamp
Kaori Osawa and Masashi Yamanaka design
Kaori Osawa and Masashi Yamanaka design

Fumu is a design innovation team united by Kaori Osawa(Tokyo, Japan) and Masashi Yamanaka(Tokyo, Japan) in 2017. Kaori Osawa graduated from Hosei University in Tokyo. Osawa began her career in Panasonic Corporation as a product designer in 2016. Masashi Yamanaka graduated from the Seikei University in Tokyo. And start his career in PAAGO WORKS Ltd. as a designer in 2018.