Wen Liu Cong Tai Baijiu Beverage
Cong Tai Baijiu Beverage is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Cong Tai Baijiu Beverage

The design uses modern and traditional elements to transfer a fashionable effect. The design of the label uses the shape of a rat and a coin to convey a rich and auspicious idea. The outer ring of the label design is decorated with a light shape to create a lively effect. The bottle is made of the ceramic. The surface texture of the bottle is marble. The design combines the Eastern with the Western culture to create a sense of fashion. The design tries to convey a Chinese zodiac culture and presents a complete product characteristic.

Cong Tai Baijiu Beverage
Wen Liu Cong Tai Baijiu
Wen Liu Beverage
Wen Liu design
Wen Liu design
He Bei Han Dan Cong Tai Wine Business Co.,Ltd

He Bei Han Dan Cong Tai Wine Co., Ltd. is a national large-scale brewing enterprise. Congtai Liquor as the main product was named after the symbol of the Han Dan city and the famous address "Cong Tai" of the Warring States Period. From 1979 to 1988, it was awarded the "National Quality Wine" and won the National Quality Award Silver Medal, "Chinese Culture Famous Wine" and "Hebei Province famous trademark". The company has the reputation of “Maotai in the south, Congtai in the north” and “the first wine in Hebei” in the mind of consumers.