Lu Li Butterfly Hanger
Butterfly Hanger is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Butterfly Hanger

Most of the assembled furniture in the Chinese market are constructed by metal joints. However, these metal joints are not ideal for long-term use, because metal and wood are different in material properties that make the joint becomes loose after repeated assemble and disassemble. Butterfly hanger is a kind of furniture benefitted from its material property. Metal and wood are connected through a designed structure, which will not cause internal loss and suitable for repeated disassembly and assembly.

Butterfly Hanger
Lu Li Butterfly
Lu Li Hanger
Lu Li design
Lu Li design
Lu Li

Lu Li, born in the 90s in China. A famous philosopher in China once said: "去甚,去奢,去泰" (abandon extreme, luxurious and unreasonable thought) which is the guiding ideology of my design.

Li Feng

In furniture, the combination of wood and metal materials often uses metal joints to screw the screws into the wood. However, due to the difference between wood and metal materials, this way of use can lead to pinhole loosening and other problems, which is not conducive to the long-term use of furniture. Based on this, in the postgraduate stage, I set my mind on the research of new assembly furniture. At the same time of satisfying functions, use the properties of materials to create furniture with beautiful shape, good structure and long usage.