My Tien Ho Ngoc My Viet Coffee Coffee Packaging
My Viet Coffee Coffee Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
My Viet Coffee Coffee Packaging

This packaging is required to design the typical coffee story in Vietnam, especially the land of Buon Me Thuot – where named by its most well-known coffee plantation areas of Vietnam. The story is based on the image of a Ede girl (a minority in Vietnam) who is picking coffee on hill, this images have become familiar to not only Vietnamese in separate but also international travelers. The formation of Ede girl in her traditional ethnic costume brings out the specialty of the product, meanwhile the image itself is also a typical Vietnamese coffee culture characteristic.

My Viet Coffee Coffee Packaging
My Tien Ho Ngoc My Viet Coffee
My Tien Ho Ngoc Coffee Packaging
My Tien Ho Ngoc design
My Tien Ho Ngoc design
My Tien Ho Ngoc

I was born in an artistic family and learnt oil painting since I was a child. I, myself love the beauty from every little thing of life. Thus, from my point of view, design and art is not just an abstract concept or macroscopic idea, it is the sophistication from such trivial matters. If possessing an artistic mindset, the ordinary can become beautiful and artistic.

My Viet Group

My client is My Viet Corporation based in Buon Ma Thuot city, Vietnam. This is a group specializing in producing finest coffee quality with a closed production process for local consumption at the moment and the vision to export their products to foreign countries in the near future.