Mohamad ali Vadood Forest Heart Wood Picture
Forest Heart Wood Picture is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Forest Heart Wood Picture

Forest Heart is a project-like work in Naqshbandi, a method of doing marquetry claiming to be the implementation of a new period in this wood art's history. Initially, it depicts the figure of a bird, each piece of its body from the wood of a forest tree. The remarkable point, however, is not only keeping original colors of woods, as it is typically done in all marquetry works, it also saves patterns, light shade-waves, and textures. A world of startling discoveries each piece has with even a magnifier look, so its viewers can spot woods' natural fortuities.

Forest Heart Wood Picture
Mohamad ali Vadood Forest Heart
Mohamad ali Vadood Wood Picture
Mohamad ali Vadood design
Mohamad ali Vadood design
Mohamad ali Vadood

Mohamadali Vadood, a life-long artist and also a designer who works in the field of wooden arts and his works include wooden sculpting, carving and marquatry. As an art instructor, he has always done his best to help his students think creatively. As an artist, reviving old forms of art from ancient Persia has been something that he highly regards with respect and enthusiasm, especially when it goes to old Iranian wood carving and its design.


This logo is designed after a bird which is diving towards a target. Its body has a 45-angle position that is the symbol of balance between zero and ninety-degree angle. So, it can mean a controlled and target-wise speed. Below the 45-degree line, there is a labyrnith that in Persian represents my surname 'Vadood'. This birds files high to reach its hopes and wishes while might dive into the lowest possible to probably meet them there.