I MEAN IT 50 Years Beer Can
50 Years Beer Can is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
50 Years Beer Can

2019 is Turk Tuborg’s 50 years in Turkey. 'I Mean It Agency' created the 50 Years Anniversary campaign & logo design. The starting point was the word 'fifty' which is written as 'Elli' in Turkish. Typographic packaging concept was designed based on keywords related to Tuborg's brand and production values. The designs included the word 'elli' (which means 'fifty' in Turkish) such as Experimentality, Intellectuality, Timeliness, Up-to-dateness.

50 Years Beer Can
I MEAN IT 50 Years
I MEAN IT Beer Can
I MEAN IT design
I MEAN IT design

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Turk Tuborg

Founded in 1967, Turk Tuborg is one of the largest breweries in Turkey. Being a pioneer in many areas in Turkey, the company stands out with its quality-oriented structure and emphasis on traditional beer production techniques. In 1969, Tuborg Gold was launched. Now, it is the leader brand in Turkey market.