Wei Cun Ke Reactivate Office Space
Reactivate Office Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Reactivate Office Space

"Design" is the intermediary to solve issues and also as the catalyst to interpose the aesthetic sensation into the field. Meanwhile by listening to users' requirements and inner expectations, try our best to endow brand-new spatial schema and life style for them. Be conscious of that design is not only the intersection of lines on papers, further more is the dream catcher that depict the future blueprint. Therefore dedicate to backtrack to the essence of life, predigest the space and reserve more flexible imagination to the residents.

Reactivate Office Space
Wei Cun Ke Reactivate
Wei Cun Ke Office Space
Wei Cun Ke design
Wei Cun Ke design
Wei Cun Ke

"KUAN JU INTERIOR DESIGN"- endow with ample natural savour and humanistic spirit, exhibit allegiance residence between heaven and earth. Adhering to the sincerity and enthusiasm of design, we constantly try in space innovation; to offer our customers with diverse experience, expect to bring first class of service and state-of-the-art life. Enjoy livelihood and savor design is the brand aim of "KUAN JU INTERIOR DESIGN".

Wei Cun Ke

Founded in 2015, KUAN JU INTERIOR DESIGN is a professional design company composed of design, fabrication and furnishings. The design experience in residential, commercial space, offices and private clubs. Our craftsmanship had won many domestic and International Design Awards.