Kot Ge Gemdale The One Residential
Gemdale The One Residential is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Gemdale The One Residential

LSDCASA try to return to the most essential thinking of design, and respond to the original will of living with ordinary life and quiet and simple impression. In the design of this project, LSDCASA looking for a style that is not clearly defined, or, in other words, here style is not a model, but a methodology.

Gemdale The One Residential
Kot Ge Gemdale The One
Kot Ge Residential
Kot Ge design
Kot Ge design

Located in the Wanbo Business District of Guangzhou South CBD and also as the only residential land in this district, Gemdale The One Residential has its irreproducible rareness and is worthy of our serious consideration. As the "directional concept work" through which Gemdale aims to practice its ideal of living, the project condenses Gemdale's strategic development thinking and full judgment and forward-looking understanding of the future lifestyle throughout project planning, gardening, architecture, apartment type and design.