Kamyar Ahmadi azari Grip Side Table
Grip Side Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Grip Side Table

Grip is designed to hanging the beauty of marble on the tripod table.Awareness of this disadvantage of the marble and design a product to respond to this challenge is the main property of Grip.The touch- sensitive technology is for the situation that the user wants to have soft lighting in a dark environment by turning the marble on. And finally, the high technology of fabrication process is hidden in it's minimal's suitable for designing of any furniture's.

Grip Side Table
Kamyar Ahmadi azari Grip
Kamyar Ahmadi azari Side Table
Kamyar Ahmadi azari design
Kamyar Ahmadi azari design
Kamyar Ahmadi azari

Choobsang Design is an Iranian furniture and design company.Many products are designed and constructed in choobsang such dining table,bench, chair,sofa,TV stand,bed set,bookshelves and many things. There are also have projects in the field of interior design.the stone is using marble,Persian, rhino stone which is deciphered from Behsang quarry, in Mashhad suburb.


Choobsang company, a dynamic leader in the quality furniture business founded in the year 2001. They are a mission driven company with an excellent and dedicated team working on delivering the best and ensuring their customers satisfaction. Choobsang goal is to offer a diverse selection of quality made sofa, chairs, bedroom furniture, different type of tables, TV stands etc. The company is accredited with ISO management system standards ISO 9001:2008, echo-friendly ISO 14001:2004, work hygiene and safety standards OHSAS 18001:2007.