Giuliano Ricciardi Arca Sideboard
Arca Sideboard is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Arca Sideboard

Arca is a monolith trapped in a net, a chest that floats adrift along with its contents. The lacquered mdf container, enclosed in an ideal net made of solid oak, is equipped with three total extraction drawers that can be organized according to various needs. The rigid solid oak net has been modeled to accommodate the thermoformed glass plates, to obtain an organic shape that simulates a mirror of water. The entire cupboard rests on a transparent methacrylate support to emphasize the ideal floating.

Arca Sideboard
Giuliano Ricciardi Arca
Giuliano Ricciardi Sideboard
Giuliano Ricciardi design
Giuliano Ricciardi design
Giuliano Ricciardi

Giuliano Ricciardi approached design shortly after finishing high school practicing at a carpentry workshop of where he learned the basics and manual skills needed to wood work. This learning experience lasted 3 years, until he was noticed by the owner of an important Architect Studio in Taranto who offered Giuliano to join his team at KinoWorkshop,as a draftsman. these professional experiences inspired him to pursue Graduate Studies in Industrial Design. Oriented to the use of raw wood material, limiting the use of other materials as much as possible, he’s gradually extending the range of materials of interest to ceramics, metals and polymers, giving his concepts and products balance between technique and material.

d-Lab studio di Giuliano Ricciardi

d-Lab studio is a design studio based in Taranto, ITALY, founded in 2009 by Giuliano Ricciardi. Workshop of ideas for furniture and product design, d-Lab studio is a meeting place between concept and professionalism, where intuition finds shape and becoming reality. Raw material, technique and craftsmanship are the basis of our work because we are aware that the human hand is the "essential ingredient” for a realization that makes a difference.