Neom Bertolini and Figli Branding and Packaging Identity
Bertolini and Figli Branding and Packaging Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Bertolini and Figli Branding and Packaging Identity

The design expresses the values of the brand and the uniqueness of the product that intersect to form a whole. On the one hand the brand represents the family, unity and direction towards the radiant future. On the other hand there is the naturalness, the sweetness and the fragrance of the product made entirely by the expert hands of the Bertolini family. Design wants to communicate and represent the wealth of a united family that is capable of creating a product with absolutely unique characteristics.

Bertolini and Figli Branding and Packaging Identity
Neom Bertolini and Figli
Neom Branding and Packaging Identity
Neom design
Neom design

Stefano Dell'Orto is a truster. He trust in the light part of the human being. in the power of cooperation and open relation between professional, the best ways to get to creative flows. He believes in creativity as the peak of the human presence on this planet and communication as a tool for the expression of this elevated capacity. He created NEOM together with his partners to help Companies to express their difference, their uniqueness and Vision into the world.


Neom is a Brand&Packaging design company located in Italy with offices in Verona and Padova. In 23 years’ work in the world of high-level branding for the leading Italian and international companies we have been able to consolidate our experience in all the different aspects of Corporate communication and Packaging, specialising in the Food&Beverage, Wine&Spirits, Personal Care, Home Care and Luxury sectors. Neom’s Vision is as simple as it is precise: creating success by expressin the difference, the uniqueness of each brand thanks to its special and unique history, or story telling, behind it. The quality of the final result is achieved by maintaining high quality in every single step, from the briefing to the printing. The cooperation of the work team is decisive to reach excellence. Every action, every tool of communication (Corporate, Packaging, POP, ADV, etc.) takes part in the creation of the Vision that is expressed through the brand.