Serban Iliescu Marina Pufleanu Branding
Marina Pufleanu Branding is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Marina Pufleanu Branding

In 2018 Enhance was contracted by Romanian Fashion Designer Marina Pufleanu to participate in the complete brand development of her new tailored-made women fashion brand. The goal of the identity development process was to place the brand in the high-end segment by imprinting a premium look and feel adapted to the contemporary trends in fashion. Finding inspiration in French Fashion Boutiques and in the portfolio of famous photographer Norman Parkinson, the Enhance team successfully developed and imprinted a design direction based on the fusion between modern and traditional.

Marina Pufleanu  Branding
Serban Iliescu Marina Pufleanu
Serban Iliescu Branding
Serban Iliescu design
Serban Iliescu design
Serban Iliescu

Driven by passion and the by a great desire for excellence, Serban’s first step towards a fulfilling career started with the decision he made in 2012 when I chose Architecture as his primary field of study @ The University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" of Bucharest. Being the perfect link between my early passions, science and arts, architecture, in all its complexity, helped him understand the most important condition of success: being overly passionate about your field of expertise - passion and dreams drive you whereas ambition and perseverance are the "tools" necessary for achieving excellence. His early professional development stage started in high school when he was driven to discover more about certain scientific subjects such as hi-technology, astrophysics and biology. Two years in a row he attended and was awarded at NASA's Space Settlement Design Competitions, highly elaborate projects that both enhanced his knowledge upon various science based fields of study and developed his project management, leadership, team working and public speaking skills. He has also been involved in volunteering projects that had the goal of introducing high-school students to event planning and fund-raising basics for various events and causes, in underlining the basics of learning and pedagogical techniques and various olympiads and contests with varied subjects such biology, peace, photography and graphic design. During his university years Serban understood the importance of maxing out the quantity of information he must absorb in order for him to become a great professional. Starting year two of studies he has started working as a freelancer in graphic design for few local companies. As the demand for his expertise unexpectedly took an ascendant pace, at the end of year three (2015) he started his own agency with two friends he met during his undergraduate studies "God is in the details." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - This is the quote that drives him and his team of creatives in their pursue of finding and delivering excellence in design. Since 2015, the year their agency was created, their only concern was to deliver high quality projects for them to be known not only as an ordinary creative team, but rather an extraordinary one. Their dream is to scale our company and, maybe one day, cross Romania's borders and design all around the world. Along their path they also dream of raising the awareness upon the local design community and its importance by launching various ambitious art, design and architectural restoration projects that can influence the community they live in in a good way.

Marina Pufleanu

Marina Pufleanu is a young Romanian fashion designer with great prospects of growth in the field of fashion. Our agency started developing the brand of the Romanian designer by drawing the general marketing strategies and by developing the identity and communication concepts of the brand. The main goal of the branding process was to place the brand in the high-end segment by imprinting a look & feel tailored to international trends in fashion.