ION AVRAM Anoor Ice Cream Mousse
Anoor Ice Cream Mousse is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Anoor Ice Cream Mousse

The main concept was to celebrate the diversity of urban, cosmopolitan women and link it to positive emotional states and to flavors. The designer used folding cardboard instead of plastic, because it is a natural material, and it inspires trust. The cube-shaped box links it to an ice cube, and turns it into an unconventional and cool product. The design is minimalist, it brings a human touch by showing faces, emotions. Each flavor is linked with an emotional state: eccentric for peanuts, childish for raspberries and happy for chocolate.

Anoor Ice Cream Mousse
ION AVRAM Ice Cream Mousse
ION AVRAM design
ION AVRAM design

A technical background and an architecture degree supply all instruments in order to create a vision of the utmost visual impact. Ion began by experimenting with fonts, printing techniques, or production. I learnt how to built a die-cut for a cardboard box. He made his way through diverse visual projects, from a news page designer, to Playboy illustrator, packaging and brand designer, that which increased versatility as a professional. He also always keeps an open eye to all trends in design.

Gelato City

The client is a start-up in gelato market, with presence in hospitality business and ice-cream bars for private and corporate events. Following few years of market research, the client identified a lack of artisanal products presence in hypermarket chains and a market trend indicating a more focused approach to quality of food products, thus decided to tackle this segment. Product development revolved around various categories of products, from soft ice to mousse and other ice cream related products, until the final product was perfected and selected for launching. The name was selected to be universal, with no specific relation to Romanian language and searched for to be slightly exotic and not an existing word, that could be indicating the product category. The tone of the brand is soft, wavy and through relation with clouds, it is set to produce emotions – creativity, inspiration. The positioning of the brand was set to be niched and to be different, the brand name being selected to purposely not indicate directly ice cream product and stand out through clean, short, punchy and easy to be remembered.