2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség Use Toilet Paper
Use Toilet Paper is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Use Toilet Paper

The Ooops Use design is created to facilitate consumers shopping processes, aid product storage and usage at home. The stylish package revolutionizes the look of toilet paper. Environmental consciousness was one of the main indicators during modeling. The new form and package material supports savings in production and material utilization. This resulted in creating smaller toilet paper package with more paper inside.

Use Toilet Paper
2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség Use
2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség Toilet Paper
2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség design
2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség design
2Republic BTL Reklámügynökség

2Republic BTL Advertising Agency is a new generation advertising agency who besides creative and strategical marketing services, provides business consultancy as well. We spend valuable time on our clients that is expressed by our name as well. Moreover, our aim is to map and solve problems that need complex and strategic mindset. We call our partners for a long term relationship from opening up problems till the creative resolution, and to think together and reach goals that ensure growth. We have established the program, Design LAB in order to accomplish innovative products and concepts for our clients. The first project is the Ooops! brand's Use concept. We aim to make outstanding projects that create value and marketing/PR reputation for companies whom we work together.

Ooops! brand

Our client named Vajda-Papír Ltd is a household hygiene paper producer company, who are based in Hungary and 100% owned by a Hungarian entrepreneur family. They created several brands since establishment 20 years ago, but we as advertising agency work with their brand, Ooops!. We are on track to transform the brand into a love brand in Hungary.