Inga Kvaraciejiene Perfume Gift Voucher
Perfume Gift Voucher is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Perfume Gift Voucher

The unisex gift voucher as a gift set of 5 different scents for women and 5 different scents for men was created for exploring new and niche perfume. This set also is a coupon so clients can use it in partners stores Douglas and choose the desired beauty goods. The feather illustrations were created for the packaging and were used to represent all Douglas Christmas campaign. Visual concept and colors were based on Douglas style book, but also retained the style of company Gera dovana. Set contains the principal cover, a box with perfume samples and a short description of each scent.

Perfume Gift Voucher
Inga Kvaraciejiene Perfume
Inga Kvaraciejiene Gift Voucher
Inga Kvaraciejiene design
Inga Kvaraciejiene design
Inga Kvaraciejiene

Studied graphic design in Vilnius academy of Arts bachelor, then master degree. By Erasmus student exchange program studied graphic design in Rome University of fine arts.Think of myself as an art lover, illustrator, creative mind, dreamer. Like a multi tool: engineering, illustrations, graphic design, loves to do paper craft, paper engineering and always searching for the new forms of expression. Passionate soul for beauty. A member of board of Lithuanian Graphic design association.

Inga Kvaraciejiene

Client "Gera dovana" is an impression gift voucher brand. It gives an opportunity to present a feeling, memories and emotions instead of material things. "Gera dovana" started it's mission 11 years ago. Spread in Latvia as "Lieliska Davana" and Poland "Super prezenty"