Arthur Bonneaud Malo Bluetooth Speaker
Malo Bluetooth Speaker is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Malo Bluetooth Speaker

Malo is a portable Bluetooth speaker, inspired by the Scandinavian style. Handcrafted by a french student in Sweden, this speaker is the result from design, engineering and woodworking. It has been made from oak and 3d printed plastic, without unnecessary shapes. The stand brings to the speaker a good sound diffusion and some lightness to the shape with smooth and refine lines. By using oak and white, this speaker gets a natural aspect by combining the cold of the winter and the warmth of the wood.

Malo Bluetooth Speaker
Arthur Bonneaud Malo
Arthur Bonneaud Bluetooth Speaker
Arthur Bonneaud design
Arthur Bonneaud design
Arthur Bonneaud

Arthur Bonneaud is a 22 years old french student finishing his 5th year engineering degree. Passionate by CAD and design, he started designing and creating furniture since he was 19 as an extracurricular activity during weekends. He has a craftsmanship workshop at his parent’s house where he manufactures design and modern furnitures and all kinds of household objects (decoration, kitchen tools, etc.). He works mainly with wood (oak, cherry or teak) and steel. For about the last 4 years, he constantly upgraded his workshop to carry out more and more accurate work by adding new machines and trying new technics. He’s a talented and promising self-taught young talent.

Arthur Bonneaud

22 years old student passionate by design, finishing his 5th year of engineering school in Lyon (France). He works on his own workshop to produce wood and steel furniture and industrial design. He likes to discover on each project a new technique by using his engineering skills create the most innovative creation.