Ardh Architects Nad Al Hammar Private Residence
Nad Al Hammar Private Residence is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Nad Al Hammar Private Residence

The Nad Al Hammar residence is a contemporary private villa located 10 minutes away from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates. The villa covers a total built-up area of approx. 5,400 sq./ft. (500 Sq.m), built on a 9,688 sq./ft. (900 Sq.m) piece of land. The premises consist of 2 levels; the ground floor and the first floor. It features an infinity plunge pool, 2 car parking spaces with an electric car charging dock, a drone delivery pod, 4 en-suite bedrooms, a double height volume, and smart walls for a customized space layout that suits the modern lifestyle's activities and needs.

Nad Al Hammar Private Residence
Ardh Architects Nad Al Hammar
Ardh Architects Private Residence
Ardh Architects design
Ardh Architects design
Ardh Architects

Principal Architect - Omran Alowais; An Emirati architect, with an Arabic name which translates to architecture, or urban planning, "Omran." Love to create spaces and enjoy making and building it. I love to mix/challenge the ideas of our traditional and modern idiologies of architecture.

Ardh Architects

Ardh, meaning ‘land’ or ‘earth’ in Arabic, is an Emirati design studio that does architecture, urbanism, landscape and interior design. Founded by Omran Alowais, an Emirati architect based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. About The Founder Omran Alowais is an Emirati Architect and Urban Planner with a contemporary approach towards architecture and modern sustainable design solutions.