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AccountAnts Social Media Communication is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
AccountAnts Social Media Communication

Most companies from financial / bookkeeping industry communicate in an old-fashioned way: realistic photos of formally dressed corporate workers, that shake hands or sign contracts. The visual communication strategy chosen for AccountAnts is absolutely different from what you would normally expect from the above-mentioned organizations. In these social media posts, illustrations creatively present, "The Reason Why" start-ups and other small to medium companies should partner up with AccountAnts, featuring the strengths in an engaging manner.

AccountAnts Social Media Communication
Given Name Family Name AccountAnts
Given Name Family Name Social Media Communication
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Given Name Family Name design
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When all of our founders have left their jobs to pursue our own dreams, we had no idea we could go this far. On the first days our team has started from a kitchen in an apartment that was still under construction and had no heating. Since then we have worked our way into the local advertising industry by hard work, knowing no weekends or whatsoever. After all the energy and emotions we have invested, our puppy has grown strong enough. Now its time to bring Mr. Wolf to a different level - into the woods of international advertising.

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AccountAnts represents a bookkeeping and finance outsource organization, from Tbilisi, Georgia. The company wanted to reach young entrepreneurs as well as small / medium businesses via social media advertising. The main challenge was to ensure target audience, that partnership with AccountAnts would make their financial processes much more simple and the communication with them would be effortless.