Dominykas Budinas Altas Viator Tour Bus
Altas Viator Tour Bus is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Altas Viator Tour Bus

Altas VIATOR is a perfect combination of engineering logic and eye-catching design elements. It is a commercial vehicle, so it has to look dependable, that's why reserved and geometrical style was chosen. Contrasting black and white fields gives it a better proportion, and composition of those details makes it more recognizable. Roof fins is an innovative solution to hide air conditioner. Overall, the design reflects brands ideology and values.

Altas Viator Tour Bus
Dominykas Budinas Altas Viator
Dominykas Budinas Tour Bus
Dominykas Budinas design
Dominykas Budinas design
Dominykas Budinas

Dominykas Budinas is an industrial and automotive designer based in Lithuania, Vilnius. Being a young creator in this industry can lead to very unconventional designs. The biggest project yet, Altas VIATOR, which was a perfect combination of car character and technological rationality. The designer is involved in lots of other vehicles projects, such as national police cars livery design and a brand new mean of transportation - AKO inverse trike.

Altas Auto

ALTAS AUTO is a minibus producer for Europe, based in Lithuania. It also produces commercial vehicles, such as ambulances or police cars. Constantly developing new solutions, thinking of better designs and user experiences. ALTAS is an official partner with Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. The brand is known for good modifications quality and efficient service.