Marco Guido Savorelli Shuga Store Store
Shuga Store Store is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shuga Store Store

Shuga Store design exploits at the original features of the existing building that has been cleaned up to show the original old structure and renovated with the introduction of new materials in the new project. It is distributed on two floors and in the interiors shop windows have been introduced in order to continuously change the atmosphere through the journey in the store, with glass and mirrors. The aim is to make old and new coexist in a final result that wants to make the merchandise pop up. Simple design, clear circulation and good lightning is essential in our idea of design.

Shuga Store Store
Marco Guido Savorelli Shuga Store
Marco Guido Savorelli Store
Marco Guido Savorelli design
Marco Guido Savorelli design
Marco Guido Savorelli

After dedicating years of studies and work to restorations of interiors in existing buildings, the attention of the architect has now moved to restoration of entire buildings, located especially in city centers. The focus on the context and the focus on rehabilitation of neighbors in the urban fabrique is now one of the main concerns of the design.


Menswear and womenswear and accessories of major luxury brands in the world. The store collects a series of apparel and accessories of the main brands from all over the world, designed clothes and accessories are selected. The destination of the merchandise is mainly adult, but there are also a few pop pieces of merchandise. The stores has the necessity to convey a serious, yet professional and relaxed idea in order to make the customer feel as confortable as possibile.