Ismail Niyaz Mohamed Livaboards of Maldives Photography
Livaboards of Maldives Photography is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Livaboards of Maldives Photography

Image taken for liveaboards of Maldives cover photo year 2014. Was shot using a steady drone octocopter with a Nikon D4 mounted on it. unique view of the boat Maldives Mosaique, in the perfect location and environment. The idea was to show the liveaboards of Maldives in it's official magazine. The inspiration for this image comes to nature and simplicity with the design of the cover page in mind. The image had to be as minimal as possible as giving space in the image for the text to be written as well.

Livaboards of Maldives Photography
Ismail Niyaz Mohamed Livaboards of Maldives
Ismail Niyaz Mohamed Photography
Ismail Niyaz Mohamed design
Ismail Niyaz Mohamed

Ismail Niyaz is an experienced photographer who creates perfect images that combine the beauty of people with the rich colors of Maldives. He has worked in upmarket resorts for over 16 years. Ismail Niyaz specializes in wedding photography, real estate photography, food photography and landscape photography. Ismail Niyaz has contributed to the tourism industry of the Maldives by providing his expertise in photographing for a number resort's brochure's, magazines for the purpose of marketing abroad. Further more, he is one of the most experienced wedding photographer's in the country with several number of weddings photographed for Japanese and European couples.

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A.N Associates, private limited company, incepted in the year 2013 is still in the incubation stage. The motive behind this establishment is due to the fact that they are inspired to create qualitative designs than pampering in quantitative numbers. They are keen to turn pieces into cutting edge designs that are recognizable in the global world. By working with their customers they facilitate them to understand between normal design and high-end designs, hence consult them to resort to more quality pieces. Their philosophy: good design is good business. They believe that good design can make a huge difference if its well researched and thought out.Their practice is to work closely with their clients to bring out the best possible design solutions for their brands.