WeWantMore Mooy Bistro and Cosmetics Shop
Mooy Bistro and Cosmetics Shop is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Mooy Bistro and Cosmetics Shop

The main inspiration of Mooy's visual identity is the round shape of a 'tache de beauté. A visual element that recurs in the design of the bistro and skinscare shop as well. That same round shape defines the two areas related to both healthy food and beauty, quite literally creating two beauty spots: one for the inner body and one for the outer body. The brand design and interior design have a solid visual link, resulting in several shades of pink and 2 impactful circles that define the bistro and skincare shop.

Mooy Bistro and Cosmetics Shop
WeWantMore Mooy
WeWantMore Bistro and Cosmetics Shop
WeWantMore design
WeWantMore design

WeWantMore is a Belgium based award winning design studio focusing on graphic, interior and experiential design. A studio that puts creativity at the center of the design process, while striving to create lasting valuable contributions to culture. WeWantMore wants to lead the way in designing how brands shape and interact with the world, by relentlessly pushing the boundaries of creativity, challenging accepted beliefs and demanding more from both themselves and their clients. Founded in 2006 and based in Antwerp, Belgium, WeWantMore is a place where graphic, interior and product designers collaborate, resulting in creative and commercial success in projects ranging from logo, packaging and interior to product design for both multinationals and challengers. They have been working for clients such as Coca-Cola, Samsonite, Manhattn’s, Chez Claire, Gatsu-Gatsu, Niko & Hoeked Doughnuts.


Mooy is a hotspot in the city of Antwerp where you can enjoy an organic tasty bite with a barista made Pink Latte with golflakes. Surprisingly Mooy also features a skincare store with all-natural qualitative products and brands. Mooy is about beaming a feel-good atmosphere, both inside and out. In the brand’s quest for elegance and beauty, the main condition is quality offering its visitors everything to express that beauty in the best possible way.