Alex Kovachev InterContinental Sofia Hotel
InterContinental Sofia Hotel is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
InterContinental Sofia Hotel

The approach for this project is directed with the scope and depth suggested by the emblematic square in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, where the building is situated, representing the recent history of the country. Studio Idea International takes inspiration from the meaning and desire of change, hope, youth and free will. The design team communicates their imagination by creating a light installation in the foyer of the hotel. The theme of light and shadows is continued by the stained window facade in the restaurant and bar area of the lobby.

InterContinental Sofia Hotel
Alex Kovachev InterContinental Sofia
Alex Kovachev Hotel
Alex Kovachev design
Alex Kovachev design
Alex Kovachev

A product and interior designer, who strives for perfection and excellence in their work. Designing luxury, aesthetically pleasing hospitable and domestic spaces, with a drive for precision and superb quality.

Idea International

With a desire to create immersive environments and a passion for exploring the unknown, IDEA often takes a multi-disciplinary approach to its array of projects. For the last 10 years we have been providing interior design services to companies all around Europe. Founded in 2004, and based in Sofia, the firm specializes in a wide array of project types, from hospitality, residential and food & beverage, to product, yacht, and set design. Crafting a unique and individual concept for each project is fundamental to IDEA’s successful design approach. From the big picture to the last detail, the aesthetic story informs and drives the design. The seamless synergy of technology, craftsmanship and design is reflected in our environments that often combine high-end video technology, handmade objects, special effects, custom fixtures and furniture. To offer our full scope of services IDEA employs a full time staff of 31 people in our headquarters in Sofia which at the moment are handling 24 design and build projects. Our current projects include a restaurant in Mayfair, two apartments in central London, two large houses in Essex, an apartment in Paris, a mansion in Moscow, a night club in Berlin, a large beauty salon in Gent, an 80 foot sailboat which is being built in Istanbul, as well as the design of three Bombardier private jets.