Making Sense Studio Apes and Humans Label
Apes and Humans Label is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Apes and Humans Label

The product itself was born from long and persistent journey towards the last evolution of beer when the distillate of beer was purified. It's the last step between beer and high volume spirit. For such a unique product creators needed different solution. From the very beginning the concept of evolution was in mind and inspiration came from Apes theory. Each label design has unique character. It’s really tricky to distinguish whether the character is an ape or a human. To highlight the label additional technologies such as gloss black 3D silkscreen print and metallic prints were chosen.

Apes and Humans Label
Making Sense Studio Apes and Humans
Making Sense Studio Label
Making Sense Studio design
Making Sense Studio design
Kauen Craft

JSC „Kauen craft“ was established in 1993 in Kaunas. JSC „Kauen craft“ has one of the most modern production facilities in Lithuania. The production lines are continuously upgraded and new or supplementary manufacturing equipment is acquired for the production of new types of products. This enables the Company to provide consumers with several high-quality new or differently packaged beverages every year. Currently Company's product range includes the following groups of beverages: water category drinks, still and carbonated soft drinks, kvass, syrups, energy drinks, alcohol cocktails, ciders, craft beers. JSC „Kauen craft“ is an ambitious enterprise seeking to expand not only in Lithuania, but also to secure positions in foreign markets.