Jie Yang Msalais Wine
Msalais Wine is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Msalais Wine

This design is based on the Avanti image elements, Create an image of a wise man. Avanti is a historical figure in Xinjiang. He symbolizes bravery and wisdom. design team gives a variety of colors for Bottle body, which symbolizes the gorgeous natural environment of Xinjiang, like a oil painting. It also embodies the good moral of multi-ethnic unity. Msalais is actually a kind of fruit wine, so it is more suitable for ordinary drinking. As one of China's intangible cultural heritage, Msalais embodies enthusiasm, sunshine and national unity.

Msalais Wine
Jie Yang Msalais
Jie Yang Wine
Jie Yang design
Jie Yang design
Jie Yang

Shenzhen Decelent Brand Planning Co., Ltd. JieYang and his team have created a number of works that have stood out from 180 nationalities and tens of thousands of works worldwide in two consecutive years of competitions, and successfully won the A'DESIGN Bronze Award in the top international design competition , Iron Award! This is the honor of the Chinese design industry, and it is the honor of the young city of Shenzhen! JieYang and his team, as a member of the new generation of young designers, inject fresh blood into the national design industry.

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