Alessandro De Marco Gasometro 2015 Advertising
Gasometro 2015 Advertising is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Gasometro 2015 Advertising

This printed advertising was made for a summertime event in Rome, 2015. A nightlife event where food, drink, music and culture are the core of it. The ad is a mix of iconic symbols that floats around the big typography Gasometro creating a surrealistic mood, every symbol suggest a category and none of them is casual. The color palette refers to a summer sunset sky that is exactly the moment when the event starts. Another relevant symbol is the shadow on the background: it shows the Gasometro, a historical structure in the location that gives the name at the event.

Gasometro 2015 Advertising
Alessandro De Marco Gasometro 2015
Alessandro De Marco Advertising
Alessandro De Marco design
Alessandro De Marco design
Alessandro De Marco

Alessandro is an ambitious, creative designer. Since 2009, He worked on a number of prestigious clients including Four Seasons, Black Pearl, Brunelleschi Hotel, Gran Hotel Principe di Piemonte, Linkem, Euronics, Eagle Pictures. He specializes in print and digital campaigns, including social media.

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