Hadas Makov Arm Office Space
Arm Office Space is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Arm Office Space

The offices were designed as open-space and included work and public spaces, meeting rooms and informal collaboration areas. To provide a sense of privacy and enhance teamwork, the firm created ‘neighborhoods’: work spaces for groups divided by partitions. To improve sound insulation acoustic panels were incorporated. The studio also planned ahead by designing communal areas that could be transformed into working zones. The objective throughout was to place emphasis on the wellbeing of the employee thus increasing productivity

Arm  Office Space
Hadas Makov Arm
Hadas Makov Office Space
Hadas Makov design
Hadas Makov design
Hadas Makov

With over two decades of successful design experience, Hadas Makov has been providing state-of-the-art working environments for a wide range of hi-tech companies and their relevant local echo system firms. Hadas believes in creating inspiring and highly functional work spaces by translating the customer's organizational culture, values and needs into an optimally designed solution. Her innovative designs address customer requirements in an ideal manner whilst using advanced materials and technology. Hadas’s extensive knowledge and expertise in local standards and regulations provide customers with bespoke and comprehensive solutions for their project needs. Green building principals are incorporated into her thought process and design methods. She focuses on energy efficiency, recycled materials and the integration of smart systems from the initial design phase. Hadas is committed to personal and select service and ensures the successful completion and delivery of all objectives on schedule and within budget.